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Pulse Oximeter Price Verses Quality

The pulse oximeter market has grown over the last 5 years, with new companies and products hitting the market every year. This flux in competition has paved way for more choices of products at varying prices. A simple search online brings about many of these choices, and to the uneducated consumer the lowest price would be the best choice. This notion does not only apply to the pulse oximeter market, but the online market as a whole. To make the right decision about a pulse oximeter, it is important to not only take price into consideration, but also quality. Quality of the pulse oximeter is very important, because it correlates directly with the life of the product.

The price of a pulse oximeter ranges from about $40 to many hundreds. The focus of this article will look more at the entry level oximeters. We want you to understand that not all $40 pulse oximeters are created equal. There are a few different brands out there that have products at this price level, but their products are not of the same quality. Our research has shown that the PC-60B pulse oximeter is of a great quality and accuracy.

We provided 10 different individuals with this pulse oximeter, and asked them to use it daily for 30 days. After the 30 day mark, we provided them with a list of survey questions. Of the 10 individuals, only 1 had an issue with his pulse oximeter and that was only in relation to the lanyard being too short for his likings. In comparison, we gave the same 10 individuals a competing C-W or a C15 to use for 30 days. The survey revealed that of the 10 individuals, only 3 of them would choose a C-W/C15 over the PC-60B. They reported the software to be slow and the display hard to read in comparison to the PC-60B. They also stated that the constructability was not of the same quality. Doing the necessary research for any purchase is necessary to make the right decision.


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